my-healthy-choiceOn January 6th 2012 I decided to make a healthy choice. I haven't looked back.



I am not a trained professional. This blog is simply what I have learned and continue to learn in my journey. Unless stated otherwise, the images on my blog do not belong to me and are not my property. I post them to inspire and motivate myself and others. If your image is on my blog and you wish for it to be removed simply send me a message with a link to the image and I will delete it. Unless otherwise stated, I do not write any of the articles on my blog, where possible I make all efforts to properly credit author and source. Again, I share the information I find to help and motivate others as well as myself. Under no circumstances will I ever take credit for what is not mine. Always remember, a healthy lifestyle consists of a good diet and exercise. This blog provides motivation to myself and others and promotes a healthy body image no matter what size you may be. You are beautiful.
1ish L drinkbottle from typo, $5! I lurves it :-D #buy #drinkmorewater

1ish L drinkbottle from typo, $5! I lurves it :-D #buy #drinkmorewater

  1. misskgetsfit said: I have the same bottle at work!! (and the hangover one at home, haha)
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